Scholarship for school and college students

KLESTO Knowledge Lamp Encurious Scholarship Test Online (KLESTO)
National Scholarship Exam for School and College Students has taken an initiative with KLESTO to generate the curiosity in the minds of students to see whole universe in an innovative way by KLESTO event indicating your readiness to take up new challenges in education sector and many other spheres.
It is not only an important platform to identify and nurture the talented student but also help students to get knowledge beyond academics with our world class content knowledge lamp, which help students to unbox their mind and experience the world of knowledge lamp which seeds the student with innovation and creativeness.
The KLESTO is based on a Multiple-Choice Questions pattern which will help students to be precise & careful while attempting the questions. The questions and the marking scheme are designed in such a way that a student can develop decision making ability and the reasoning power…
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